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Hello! Have any of you been following the Twitter explosion of #1reasonwhy? This was brought to my attention via an article from Kotaku. If you do decide to click on that link, prepare to be disgusted by some of the comments left on the blog. It is surprising that in this day and age that women are still fighting for equality in the gaming industry when it has been proven time and time again that we are a growing demographic. Sadly many people still see us as either the iOS gamer, cutesy gamer, Facebook gamer, or that we like Tetris. While all of this may be true, one thing is still the same. WE ARE ALL GAMERS. By breaking down what kind of games we enjoy into micro-niches, it creates unnecessary dissension between gamers as a whole.

Luckily in my life I have been surrounded by many people who have supported my love of gaming. Most notably were my Mom and aunt. My aunt and cousin were living with my parents and I for a brief time and that was when they discovered their undying love for the original Legend of Zelda. Many nights were spent watching my Mom and aunt play though various dungeons, create hand drawn maps including every secret passage, location of every time, and lists of what it took to defeat each dungeon boss. This may or may be the defining moment in why the original Legend of Zelda is one of my favorite games of all time (and have permanently inked onto my body). The neighboring kids all had NES systems and it was pretty common place to find us at each others homes playing each others various collections. Not once did I ever experience any backlash from boys about my love of gaming.

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28 November, 2012