Halloween Treats – Utz Mini Pretzels

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So Halloween is upon us, not that you would know from the scorching weather here in California. But – you know what that means, SNACKS! Reese’s, candy corn, and pumpkin… everything. One thing that really caught my eye were the Utz Mini Pretzels covered in Butterfinger pieces. This sounded like a match made in heaven. I’m a sucker for salty/sweet foods and pretzels are one of my favorite snacks. What could go wrong?


That was until I opened the bag. When I peaked inside the box I knew that the serving sizes would be small, but I didn’t know there would only be 3 in the bag! What a let down. They were all stuck together so the only reasonable way to eat them was to just shove the whole thing in my mouth. I’ve never had Utz pretzels or chips – as they are only distributed on the east coast. I must say, they are no Rold Gold.

The pretzels taste like any generic store brand pretzel, which I’m not a fan of. The outside on the other hand is delicious! I wish there was a little more Butterfinger – but all in all, they were tasty. I don’t foresee the box lasting very long at my house. Each pouch is 70 calories, which is pretty reasonable if you are looking for a small sweet treat.

Texture: 4/5 – the pretzels seem a little stale, but still have a decent crunch along with the Butterfinger outside coating.

Smell: 5/5 – these smell delicious!

Appearance: 3.5/5 – the picture on the outside of the box promises a bit more of Butterfinger crunch on the outside, but I was rather underwhelmed.

Taste: 3/5 – overall these are good, but not great. If they were made with Rold Gold they would be a home run.

6 October, 2012
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