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Well kids, it’s that time again for another edition of Toy Thursday! I was previously asked on instagram (follow me! @pyropixie) to take a close up of some of the toys I posted last week. I figured I would pick and choose a few of my favorite pieces and talk a little bit about them. I was originally introduced to the Skelanimals brand when I was still working at Hot Topic. Who couldn’t resist those cute little animals with their little skeletons. I don’t recall buying much other than a plush skeleton cat, but I’ve always adored the brand. I was quite surprised to see the Skelanimal brand pop up when I was working at Target. I was even more excited to see that they came out with a toy line exclusively for Halloween – though I guess every day is Halloween in a Skelanimal world… and if you are Al Jourgensen. ANYWAYS. I guess one of the perks of working at a big box retailer that has something that you enjoy is that you are able to look up the inventory to make sure that you are buying all of the entire series. Let it be known that I am not really a rabid collector of series, I prefer to own the pieces I like instead of having 20 other pieces from the series that are OK. But, I’m also of the mindset of more is more. So why not have more?

I like that the bases of each of the animals are completely flat, and that they are light, which makes it easy to display them in various ways. I have a few toys, such as a couple of Dunnys that are a bit top heavy and like to fall down if they are not leaning up against the back of the display area or wall, thus creating a huge domino effect. The only downside is that they are wider than most of the toys that I have, which tends to take up more space. Currently these are featured in a row in the very front of my collection ontop of my book case-cube storage-upstairs pantry-type deal. I always check out the seasonal section to see if they put out any other series, but alas I have not seen any new ones since.

Well there you have it! Check back next Thursday for another feature on some of my toys! (a little birdy tells me that they will be brand new toys next week!)

24 May, 2012
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