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2012 in review…

Hello dollfaces! It’s been a hot minute since I have had the chance to sit down and update my lovely little blog. There has been a ton going on in life, which I will touch on soon. I hope everyone had an incredible Christmas, and I can’t believe that it’s New Year’s Eve! So instead of rambling on about what’s going on, I’m going to take this time tonight to look back on some moments from the past year.


1 – One of the first pictures of me earlier this year in January.
2 – Did a ton of dancing at Asylum, which I so lovingly called my $4 therapy session. Barcode shut down in January and Asylum moved to The Park.
3 – I attended Baconfest with friends and had my first maple bacon donut from Doughbots here in Sacramento.
4 – Started hitting the gym to burn off some feelings instead of eating them.


5 – Spent a lot of time at parks on the swings.
6 – Dug out my old Game Boy and started playing some old games.
7 – Finally moved my bed out of my closet.
8 – Something died in the wall at work and we tore the office apart trying to find exactly where. We were unsuccessful.


9 – I had some really blue hair for a while.
10 – Richard and I went to Knotts Berry Farm after foiled plans to go to Disneyland.
11 – Despite the minor hiccup, we did spend 2 days at Disneyland and it was one of the major highlights of my year.
12 – We also hit the Santa Monica Aquarium and saw a bunch of awesome creatures that had been right under my nose for the 14 years that I lived in the area.


13 – In March I also took a pole dancing class which ran into April. I had never been more bruised and banged up in my entire life. I also felt myself getting stronger, but ultimately had to quit because it’s freaking expensive.
14 – I made this fancy pants Easter basket for Richard.
15 – We visited my parents and had a chance to show Richard my Dad’s studio.
16 – I packed up my toy collection due to lack of space.


17 – My hair grew exceptionally long.
18 – I worked a few shows that I actually enjoyed the music that was being played.
19 – I changed my name to apron according to Starbucks.
20 – I found this pallet at work and it worked perfectly to display my toy collection.


21 – Hung out with friends and kicked serious laser tag ass.
22 – Played at more parks.
23 – Started really getting into The Guild and comic books.
24 – I also tried my hand at painting.


25 – Played lots of video games to win tickets for junk.
26 – My roommate is engaged and we celebrated in Reno, NV in June and had a nice shower for her that I designed the laminates for in July.
27 – Richard and I bought an arsenal of fireworks and had a great time with friends in the driveway.
28 – A friend left for med school and we had a great time at her going away party and her now fiance’s parents house.


29 – In need of a change, I cut 14 inches off my hair. It still feels weird.
30 – Finally saw Iron Maiden in concert. AMAZING.
31 – Worked Outside Lands in San Francisco and had a great time.
32 – I was a bridesmaid for the first time for my roommate.


33 – Started to try to enjoy reading.
34 – Richard and I went to Effie Yaw and threw rocks in the water.
35 – More comic books and video games passed through my hands.
36 – Spent more time outside.


37 – Tried my hand at fancy nails that I saw on Pinterest.
38 – Spent a lot of time hanging out with a handsome fella named Midnight.
39 – Moved out of my old place and put a bunch of my belongings into storage.
40 – Started a new blog that took off.


41 – Found out that this cat has extraordinary skills.
42 – Blogged lots about food.
43 – Started writing to my best friend.
44 – Had an amazing Thanksgiving feast with my parents.


45 – Lost my job for the first time. (Hopefully the only time)
46 – Started taking an online class.
47 – Christmas!
48 – Had to put this sweet boy down way too soon.

Here’s looking to 2013 – please be safe tonight if you plan on going out!

31 December, 2012

Call of Duty – Black Ops II Midnight Launch


On Tuesday, Richard and I went to the midnight release for Call of Duty – Black Ops II. I feel like this was complete deja vu as I was standing in a frigid line just last week for Halo 4. The line was considerably longer for Black Ops II than Halo 4, mostly because the demographic is a bit different for the game. We have kind of created a ritual for our midnight release habits. First we head over to GameStop and finalize receipts, then head over to In-N-Out burger for delicious burgers. I seriously feel bad for anyone who does not have an In-N-Out near them. This time we decided to also stop at Krispy Kreme because our arteries did not take a big enough beating and picked up a couple of donuts.


Richards custard filled donut looked rather derpy if you ask me. All of this ended up taking way less time than we expected it to, and we had no intentions of standing in line any longer than we had to because of how cold it was. The GameStop we were at shares the same parking lot with the Target that I used to work for, which was also doing a midnight release, so we wandered over there to get out of the cold and see a couple of friends. When we got there at around 11, the line was a whole 4 people deep vs the 100+ people outside of GameStop. I think these people had the right idea. I did some Christmas shopping while there (my goal is to have everything done by the end of the month and put nothing on credit cards) and we finally headed back over to GameStop to stand in the obnoxiously long line.

By the time we returned the line had grown from the side of the building almost looping the entire building. We had to stand out back in the boonies and rosemary (seriously rosemary plants everywhere!) but luckily we were only in line for about 10 minutes as the line moved really quickly. I am always saddened by how much trash people leave when hanging out for midnight releases or Black Friday – is it really too hard to pick up your garbage and throw it away 2 feet from you? It is not fair to either the employees that have to pick it up, the customers that have to navigate around it, and the other businesses in the shopping center that now have a bunch of garbage in front of their doors come 10 am. We were in and out in within minutes and back home to check out the game. Unfortunately I completely passed out before I even got to see a minute of the game play, woops.

So far I have only played the Zombie mode and its okay. I find the lack of readily available guns in some levels to be exceptionally frustrating as well as the introduction of fire. There are cracks in the ground in some levels and while I understand that if visible flames are coming from the cracks then yes, I will catch fire if I do not jump over them, but I should not catch fire if I am simply stepping over one of the cracks that does not have visible flames. Are you trying to tell me that I can not step over a crack in the ground? Stupid. As for Halo 4, we beat the campaign in 1 day and sadly have to replay through it on my Xbox so that I can get the achievements as well. Oh well.

14 November, 2012

My new project


Earlier in the week I mentioned that I was working on a new project that I would be announcing soon – and that day is today!


I really wanted to create a space for all of my junk food reviews and keep my blog here focused on my life. I have lots of reviews queued up, so be sure to check it out and see if there is anything you’d be willing to give a taste! And if you have any suggestions of something to try please feel free to get in touch with me.


Tonight shall be spent in pajamas, with mashed potatoes, and playing The Unfinished Swan on PS3. I became curious about this game after my friend Jason talked about it on the podcast he is part of. You play as a small boy named Monroe armed with a paint gun that is in the search for an unfinished painting of a swan by his mother. I can’t wait to play it. I plan on spending as much quality time with my gaming systems as possible this weekend.

What are your plans for the weekend?

19 October, 2012

My week in an instant

You know how I was really excited about playing Happy Wars on Friday? That all changed very quickly. Richard downloaded it on his 360 first, and when we went to start playing it, it froze. Richard turned off his Xbox and started it up again to find that be had got the dreaded Red Ring of Death. He said its happened to him before and didn’t seem that phased by it (though if I were him, I’d be freaking out). I told him to pop his hard drive into my 360 and we could play it on mine until we figure out what we were going to do. So, he popped his hard drive into my Xbox and powered it on, greeted by… Red Ring of Death?!


I figured it was just a fluke thing and maybe it was just his hard drive, swapped them out, but with no luck. Crapola. I frantically called Microsoft and they said it most likely was not caused by the hard drive swap, and that I just have bad luck. But, they would be more than happy to fix both of our out of warranty systems (his being an original 360 and mine being an elite) for the tune of $99 dollars a piece and 4 – 6 weeks. Uh, thanks but no thanks.

After searching the Internet high and low, I found a local place that specializes in electronics repair and would fix and upgrade our systems for $45 a piece and had a 1 day turn around time, definitely more my style. Sadly they are closed on Sunday – so we anticipate getting them back tomorrow. I can’t wait.

Eating my feelings at Burger King – when did this place start sucking so bad?

20121014-094545.jpg 20121014-094639.jpg
A view from my rear view mirror on my drive to work and the awesome
text messages I have to decode from my boss.

Delicious tomato soup and bread from Boudin’s SF

20121014-094812.jpg 20121014-094924.jpg
A lackluster turkey pesto panini I had from Cafe Olivetti in Yuba City, CA.
and a delicious pumpkin ooey gooey bar from The Cookie Tree in
Yuba City, CA.

My junk food stash

20121014-095057.jpg 20121014-095136.jpg
Having a bad hair day and rocking my Finn Adventure Time hat
and bringing home donuts for the fam.

14 October, 2012

Halloween Treats – Utz Mini Pretzels

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So Halloween is upon us, not that you would know from the scorching weather here in California. But – you know what that means, SNACKS! Reese’s, candy corn, and pumpkin… everything. One thing that really caught my eye were the Utz Mini Pretzels covered in Butterfinger pieces. This sounded like a match made in heaven. I’m a sucker for salty/sweet foods and pretzels are one of my favorite snacks. What could go wrong?


That was until I opened the bag. When I peaked inside the box I knew that the serving sizes would be small, but I didn’t know there would only be 3 in the bag! What a let down. They were all stuck together so the only reasonable way to eat them was to just shove the whole thing in my mouth. I’ve never had Utz pretzels or chips – as they are only distributed on the east coast. I must say, they are no Rold Gold.

The pretzels taste like any generic store brand pretzel, which I’m not a fan of. The outside on the other hand is delicious! I wish there was a little more Butterfinger – but all in all, they were tasty. I don’t foresee the box lasting very long at my house. Each pouch is 70 calories, which is pretty reasonable if you are looking for a small sweet treat.

Texture: 4/5 – the pretzels seem a little stale, but still have a decent crunch along with the Butterfinger outside coating.

Smell: 5/5 – these smell delicious!

Appearance: 3.5/5 – the picture on the outside of the box promises a bit more of Butterfinger crunch on the outside, but I was rather underwhelmed.

Taste: 3/5 – overall these are good, but not great. If they were made with Rold Gold they would be a home run.

6 October, 2012