Sicky sick.

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So at some point during my move over the weekend I contracted some sort of creeping crud. It started as a scratchy throat on Sunday and turned into full blown sickness Monday. I tried to power through work Monday and Tuesday, but I knew Wednesday was looking grim. I called into work and spent most of my day in a DayQuil haze. I decided to kill some of my bed bound time playing Crimson Alliance.

This game came out about this time last year, but Richard and I hadn’t played yet. I was jonesing for a new dungeon crawl because Torchlight and I broke up two weeks ago due to an accidental character archival on my part. My bitterness has forbidden me from picking up the game again. Anyways – enough about that.

In true fashion, I decided to roll a warrior type. I prefer to play hack and slash characters as I am not good at being stealthy or not running directly into the middle of combat. I like that I don’t have to worry about spending skill points and leveling up skills and abilities. The only way to alter your stats are by equipping new armor and weapons.

We beat the game and DLC in about 8 hours, which I can’t tell if that means we are good at video games or if the game is just that short. I enjoyed grinding through dungeons and that they incorporated replay value by allowing certain doors to be opened by certain classes. I also like that there is an area specifically designed to farm gold, but I hate the fact that you cannot sell old armor and weapons. Also the AI tends to lag a bit when there are large battles being rendered and sometimes it’s hard to figure out where you are since your only identifying quality (aside from your half dollar sized avatar) is a colored ring around your feet. We made this especially challenging by playing the same class.

Your game play is also rated as bronze, silver, and gold, and much to my dismay – being a perfectionist and all – is how damn hard it is to get gold. We were never able to obtain it. I’m looking forward to replaying as a different class to unlock the other secret areas. I’d say it was worth the 1200 points.

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4 October, 2012
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