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2012 in review…

Hello dollfaces! It’s been a hot minute since I have had the chance to sit down and update my lovely little blog. There has been a ton going on in life, which I will touch on soon. I hope everyone had an incredible Christmas, and I can’t believe that it’s New Year’s Eve! So instead of rambling on about what’s going on, I’m going to take this time tonight to look back on some moments from the past year.


1 – One of the first pictures of me earlier this year in January.
2 – Did a ton of dancing at Asylum, which I so lovingly called my $4 therapy session. Barcode shut down in January and Asylum moved to The Park.
3 – I attended Baconfest with friends and had my first maple bacon donut from Doughbots here in Sacramento.
4 – Started hitting the gym to burn off some feelings instead of eating them.


5 – Spent a lot of time at parks on the swings.
6 – Dug out my old Game Boy and started playing some old games.
7 – Finally moved my bed out of my closet.
8 – Something died in the wall at work and we tore the office apart trying to find exactly where. We were unsuccessful.


9 – I had some really blue hair for a while.
10 – Richard and I went to Knotts Berry Farm after foiled plans to go to Disneyland.
11 – Despite the minor hiccup, we did spend 2 days at Disneyland and it was one of the major highlights of my year.
12 – We also hit the Santa Monica Aquarium and saw a bunch of awesome creatures that had been right under my nose for the 14 years that I lived in the area.


13 – In March I also took a pole dancing class which ran into April. I had never been more bruised and banged up in my entire life. I also felt myself getting stronger, but ultimately had to quit because it’s freaking expensive.
14 – I made this fancy pants Easter basket for Richard.
15 – We visited my parents and had a chance to show Richard my Dad’s studio.
16 – I packed up my toy collection due to lack of space.


17 – My hair grew exceptionally long.
18 – I worked a few shows that I actually enjoyed the music that was being played.
19 – I changed my name to apron according to Starbucks.
20 – I found this pallet at work and it worked perfectly to display my toy collection.


21 – Hung out with friends and kicked serious laser tag ass.
22 – Played at more parks.
23 – Started really getting into The Guild and comic books.
24 – I also tried my hand at painting.


25 – Played lots of video games to win tickets for junk.
26 – My roommate is engaged and we celebrated in Reno, NV in June and had a nice shower for her that I designed the laminates for in July.
27 – Richard and I bought an arsenal of fireworks and had a great time with friends in the driveway.
28 – A friend left for med school and we had a great time at her going away party and her now fiance’s parents house.


29 – In need of a change, I cut 14 inches off my hair. It still feels weird.
30 – Finally saw Iron Maiden in concert. AMAZING.
31 – Worked Outside Lands in San Francisco and had a great time.
32 – I was a bridesmaid for the first time for my roommate.


33 – Started to try to enjoy reading.
34 – Richard and I went to Effie Yaw and threw rocks in the water.
35 – More comic books and video games passed through my hands.
36 – Spent more time outside.


37 – Tried my hand at fancy nails that I saw on Pinterest.
38 – Spent a lot of time hanging out with a handsome fella named Midnight.
39 – Moved out of my old place and put a bunch of my belongings into storage.
40 – Started a new blog that took off.


41 – Found out that this cat has extraordinary skills.
42 – Blogged lots about food.
43 – Started writing to my best friend.
44 – Had an amazing Thanksgiving feast with my parents.


45 – Lost my job for the first time. (Hopefully the only time)
46 – Started taking an online class.
47 – Christmas!
48 – Had to put this sweet boy down way too soon.

Here’s looking to 2013 – please be safe tonight if you plan on going out!

31 December, 2012

My week in an instant & my first NaBloPoMo

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  1. I dumped the news on IG last week because I couldn’t take not talking about it any longer.
  2. Midnight looking ultra cute. I love when cats cover their face with their paws.
  3. I spent my day Saturday curled up in bed with my feline friend and watching Private Practice on Netflix.
  4. I started a class on Coursera – Drugs & the Brain. Its proving to be quite the challenge.

I didn’t realize how little I posted to IG this week – I guess things were not that eventful.

December NaBloPoMo Topic:

What do you consider yourself a “pro” at?

All of the topics in this months NaBloPoMo topics are in relation to work. When I glanced over the prompts and saw this first question – I wracked my brain as to what I consider myself a “pro” at when it comes to work – or anything for that matter. Upon some self reflection on the way to work I decided that I consider myself a pro at time management, creating plans, implementing procedures, and including others in the decision making process (when I can). By having multiple jobs that required me to manage my time in the most effective way possible, I had to become a master at this task. I mostly find myself making lists and using my phone to keep track of what I have going on. I often find myself pondering ways of how I can work smarter, not harder, which has lead to various procedures and plans that I have put in place at various jobs to help facilitate the flow of work.

I have had a few trying leaders in my journey – and along the way I have told myself that I do not want to be like them, and what about them do I admire and what do I not care for as a subordinate. One of my biggest frustrations was in certain instances that I or we were told to do something because they said to, with no explanation. I think there is a line between questioning authority and honestly curious about why a task is being completed or how. Because of years of ‘because I said to’ I have found myself often asking my employees or peers why we are completing this task to gain understanding or how they would improve it if they were in my shoes. For the most part, my return has been pretty successful, and I find that it helps build an environment where employees/peers feel valued and included.

What do you consider yourself a pro at in the workplace?

Tonight Richard and I are going to grab some delicious food from Chipotle, play some Lego Lord of the Rings, and hit Walmart for the midnight release of The Dark Knight Rises.

3 December, 2012

My life in an instant


  1. Midnight hamming it up.
  2. Awesome operation Band-Aids that Richard got for me at Target. He also picked up Pac-Man ones as well!
  3. I kind of lost my mind in the 50 cent bin at A-1 comics and bought a bunch of things. I regret nothing.
  4. A really unfortunate shaped cookie from The Cookie Tree.
  5. Waiting for Wreck It Ralph to start – I honestly hate going to the movies solely based on how most people are inconsiderate of those around them. We had an entire row of teens in front of us that would not stop yelling and talking. Infuriating.
  6. People search for the most random things and some how make it to
  7. Hanging out at work – lookin fancy while battling a 4 day migraine.
  8. An amazing sunset while I was pumping gas. The sunsets in Northern California have been ridiculous lately.
  9. Flavored honey sticks from the auction. I initially tried these while in Seattle and was convinced that I would never find them again. I was complaining to Richard and he informed me that there is a vendor at the auction that sells all kinds of flavored honey. I only had a dollar cash on me so I had to pick 5 out of the 20 or so flavors, which was tough, but man these are SO good.
  10. I went to my Mom’s for Thanksgiving and got to spend time with my old lady, Kit Kat. She is a lovely 18 years young and I miss her so much.
  11. Kit Kat is such a natural in front of the camera.
  12. The amazing Thanksgiving feast my Mom prepared. Two things that were not pictured though were the delicious cinnamon rolls my Dad made and homemade sugar cookies he made as well.
  13. My cute baby boy Obi Wan – He always seems to make this face when you take pictures of him, it’s like he is perpetually surprised or something.
  14. Trying to get Obi to act more naturally yields even more hilarious results.
  15. I had zero room for pumpkin pie after dinner on Thanksgiving, so I opted to have it for breakfast on Friday.
  16. A rare moment of Kit Kat and I snuggling. She will let you pet her until the end of time but hates being held, so on the rare occasions where she forgets this, it’s always nice to take advantage.
  17. I found some old yearbooks in my Mom’s living room and man I was a looker.
  18. I never pack clothes when I visit my Mom’s because I have so many still at her place. I found this really old Threadless shirt hanging out in my room and decided to rock it for Black Friday.
  19. Dutch Brothers is slowly making its way South. Look out Starbucks – my favorite coffee establishment is coming to town.
  20. I also managed to dig out my old gaming systems and brought them home with me. This included my NES, Sega Genesis, PS1 & PS2.
  21. I found a huge bag of Tamagotchis tucked away in a box as well that I brought home with me.
  22. My hair was doing incredible things while I was at my Mom’s.
  23. Kit Kat looking contemplative.
  24. The two of us hanging out. Anytime she sees that I am taking her picture she always tends to go right for the camera and rub her face all over it.
26 November, 2012

My week in an instant

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Hi Friends! I had higher hopes of posting some stuff this weekend, but most of it was spent in bed with amazing (awful) migraine. Unfortunately I am part of the masses that have no medical insurance so I can no longer afford my prescription medication for said migraines. I have become an amateur chemist now trying to find a nice balance of pain meds to help alleviate my pain. Anyways, I am feeling better, so on with my past week in pictures!


A delicious pumpkin spice cupcake with vanilla frosting!

20121029-131114.jpg   20121029-131136.jpg

My OCD coming through when it comes to Tiny Tower and the lovely clouds on my way to work one morning.


Starbucks riding the failtrain and giving me a fork with my oatmeal 🙁

20121029-131200.jpg   20121029-131210.jpg

My awesome little metal monkey that I got from a Toys R Us quarter machine and my fingers after eating some DELICIOUS Peppermint Bark Chex Mix


My janky computer set up – no internet, but at least a computer!

20121029-131248.jpg   20121029-131317.jpg

An OMG moment of The Impulsive Buy linking and new food that I sampled yesterday for the blog!

29 October, 2012

My week in an instant


Working on a project that I hope to post tomorrow!

20121022-133851.jpg 20121022-133907.jpg

Got both Xbox 360s back from the repair shop! Also treated myself to some new books.


My awesome new desktop at work from

20121022-133946.jpg 20121022-134009.jpg

Just a random scrunchy face and playing with the Frank Said What app – currently free in the Apple app store.


An awesome new game that I have been playing that challenges you to build various items with legos, and snap pics for points. It’s really addicting.

20121022-134022.jpg 20121022-134559.jpg

Another shot of my Halloween nails and playing The Unfinished Swan on the PS3 (which I finished in approximately 3 hours)

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22 October, 2012