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So the following post will discuss the following:
– amazing snack foods.
– amazing musics.
– people.
– the quest for a job.
– other stuff.

first off. did you know that i design graphics? its pretty awesome. just saying. ive been working like crazy on security laminates, and i definitely see a shift in my style from grungy to retro/vector/minimalism. im pretty stoked on it.

so my friend richard and i love to try all things amazing when it comes to snack foods. my latest indulgences include beer battered flavored ruffles, flavor morph starburst, and candy corn m & ms. the beer battered onion ring ruffles were a surprise to me. normally i do not enjoy ruffles unless i am scooping up gobs of onion dip, other than that, i think they are a rather sub par chip. but the promise of delicious onion-y ring goodness lured me in. the flavor was subtle but definitely amazing. i may or may not have sat in the bathtub one night relaxing and eating a large portion of these chips, with zero guilt of course. while on a late night meander through the wal of marts last night, richard and i spotted two new candy concoctions that neither of us had yet sampled. he decided to pass on the flavor morph starburst, and i decided to pass on the candy corn m & ms. but of course in the spirit of all things friends, we shared. the flavor morph starburst were underwhelming. first off, they make you buy an abnormally large sized pack to “share” with someone else, but it only contains two flavors! orange that morphs into orange strawberry and cherry that morphs into cherry lime. i liked the cherry lime one, but could live without the orange strawberry flavor. i probably wouldnt buy these again. the candy corn m & ms were good, but im also not a huge white chocolate fan, so a small handful was enough to pacify me. the overall flavor was good, but tasted just like the candy corn hershey’s kisses, but with a hard candy shell.


i guess this is sort of directed to the music snobs/audiophiles out there, but do you ever get jealous when you discover or are introduced to a band that a friend has liked for a considerably longer time thats really good? my friend introduced me to the amazingness that is XTC, and i couldnt help but be slightly jealous that they are and have been his favorite band for the last 20 years or so. i felt like i was totally missing out. at least i get to enjoy them now, right? you should probably own the album ‘oranges & lemons’ just sayin’. thank me later.

i had an amazing lunch with my friend tim today at noodles & co. a bowl of butter noodles and a bowl of tomato bisque soup, great conversation that included larping, gold lamay skin, and getting back on the bull, and an amazing friend was just the ticket to making me feel a little more human these days.

“om nom nom nom”

the quest for a job is not nearly as fun as it sounds. if anyone was ever lead to believe that looking for a job was fun.

anyways, i have glitch to play! toodaloo for now!

30 September, 2011
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    Who is this “friend” of which you speak? Heh heh.

    3 November, 2011 at 6:15 AM
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