Weekend Recap 6/22 – 6/24

Hi all! As usual I like to start my weekend a little early. Despite having to work at 8 AM on Friday, a bunch of friends went to see Brave at the midnight showing for our friend Jonny’s birthday. I didn’t feel nearly as tired as I did when we went to the midnight showing of Prometheus, but sadly I dozed off for a brief bit towards the end of the movie. It had been a really long week, and the movie didn’t really grab me. The visuals were stunning, but the story was a little on the hokey side. Sorry Pixar! The short before the film was extremely cute, as always. Stay through the credits, there is a little gem at the end.

rocking my super cute shoes while waiting for the movie

That weekend a bunch of girlfriends and I were going to Reno, NV. for my roommate’s bachelorette party. Not only had I never been to a bachelorette party before, I have never been to Reno. I hit up my favorite pizza joint Celestino’s before heading over to Shawn’s house to meet Anna and Kayla, and low and behold, Shawn and Anna were pulling into the parking lot the same time I was. Great minds obviously think alike. We got our food to go and enjoyed it at Shawn’s place while waiting for Kayla to show up. The drive to Reno was quite scenic, and I was surprised to see snow at Boreal this time of year. It was nice to be in the backseat and take it all in, vs. being the driver. We met up with Jen and Sam (the bride to be) and checked out our hotel rooms. We stayed at The Sands, and despite the dodgy exterior, the rooms were actually really nice. Smoking indoors has been against the law for ages here in California, so it was weird to step into a casino and see people smoking inside.

Anna doing a stellar driving job

We had tickets for a show called The Hootchy Kootchy Girls – which we thought was a cabaret/burlesque show. We were partially right. We got all dolled up, well the other girls did I should say, as I don’t wear make up or really style my hair outside of the occasional bun or pony tail. I slipped on my favorite dress and boots, and of course looked like the rebel of the group. Most of the girls ended up wearing an item of clothing of Sam’s which was quite funny. We decided to grab dinner before heading to the show. We were scouring Yelp and Urban Spoon looking for a place to eat that was delicious and not crazy expensive. We settled on The Gas Lamp. Their food was extremely good. Sam and Kayla got impromptu mixed drinks (the bartender just made them up in her head), and we were joined by Kristin. We all piled into Jen’s tiny car and made our way to the show.

Sadly dinner took a while to get to our table, which left us rushing for time to get to the theater. We all had to settle for seats all over the place because they were the only ones left, luckily there was a large section that was reserved that didn’t show up and they allowed us all to sit together there after the intermission. Now when I hear burlesque, I think of curvy voluptuous babes, shimmying off their clothes and prancing around with tassels on. Let’s just say my vision was a bit different than what we were greeted with. Apparently The Hootchy Kootchy Girls is a class that women can take. They have 8 weeks to learn a routine of their choosing, come up with an outfit/persona and what music they want to dance to. It takes a lot of confidence to get out there and shake it, but this was totally not what I was expecting. AT ALL. I was not expecting the girl next door, or grandma, or my friends mom to get up there and rip off various items of clothing. You could tell some of the girls were really nervous, but they all did a great job. Sam, Kristin, and Jen even got up there during the audience participation portion and worked it with a feather boa, it was awesome.

Us on stage at the end of the show, when did I get so short?

After the show we went back to the hotel and changed into more comfy clothes to hit the town in. We walked down to The Silver Legacy/Circus Circus and wandered around a bit before deciding to make up a scavenger hunt for Sam to complete. It consisted of the following:

  • – find a sweet mustache
  • – dance with an old dude
  • – find a guy with a mullet
  • – get a condom from a guy
  • – make a wish on a bald guys head
  • – wear a guys hat
  • – get an Asian high-five
  • – get a piggy back ride from a stranger
  • – take pictures with other bachelorettes that we found
  • – find a guy that looks like her fiance and take a picture with him

We had an awesome time completing the list, most memorably Sam dancing with an old guy at the bar. He dropped it so low I thought he broke his hip. Jen and Sam ran into a friend of theirs that they play volleyball with, I ran into my friend Paul David from Redding, and Kayla saw a friend of hers from afar – apparently everyone was in Reno that night. We made a few more rounds and headed back to the hotel room. Most of the girls crashed but Sam and I went downstairs to gamble. She likes to play blackjack, I am more of a slots kind of gal – I was extremely good and only played a whopping $7.00. Sam lost her $20 at the table and we ran into more people we knew. We decided to call it a night and went back to the room.

Our view from the room

Sunday was low key and we hit up a local bakery called Homage. I had a hard time choosing what to get because it all looked so good. I settled on a cinnamon brioche and an iced chai latte. Holy mackerel it was good. I think I would make the 2 1/2 hour drive again just to have another one. We went back to the hotel, said our goodbyes and hit the road back to Sacramento. Next time I go, I think I would like to play some of the games at Circus Circus but there just wasn’t enough time.

And of course we did our Sunday ritual of Asylum – Viva Los… Reno.

25 June, 2012
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