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Let it be known that I hate purses. I own a small assortment of them, because it is nearly impossible to carry your wallet, keys and cell phone all in your pockets without looking like some sort of weird pocket stuffing hoarder. But given the opportunity, I will still try. I pretty much have two ideas/thought processes when it comes to bags/purses.

  • If I buy a smaller bag, I will in turn, carry less stuff .
  • The quickest way to clean out your purse/bag is to buy a new one.

Buying a smaller bag never works, and I resent buying the purse and never use it again. Cleaning out your purse by buying a new bag also doesn’t work because then you have a closet full of half full purses stuffed with half packs of gum, receipts and chapstick. Despite the failure in both of these ideas, it doesn’t stop me from doing them over and over again – the ole insanity plea kicks in I guess. I have 3 bags that I seem to rotate through, two of which are pictured here and here, but I often find myself going back to this bag. It has a ton of pockets and is great for tucking away every random thing I feel the need to carry around with me. It’s an OCD dream. So without further ado, here is what is in my bag:


  •  Trophy Queen Wallet – I spotted this while working Midnight Mass two years ago and had to have it. It is lined with plush leopard print and holds just the necessities. My only qualm with it is in the rare occasions that I do carry cash, I am forced to fold it into origami to tuck it into a pocket in the wallet. Sorry cashiers!
  • Ultimark self inking stamp – Nerd moment here. I am an avid geocacher. And the more logs you sign, the lazier you get it. I ordered myself this handy stamp that stamps __/__/__ pyropixie on logs – making it much easier to date and sign logs in a hurry.
  • Blistex Raspberry Lemonade – I am a chapstick addict and this stuff smells just like pink Starbursts – YUM!
  • Cupcake Coin Purse – I use this handy coin purse I picked up at Target during back to school to hold all my store loyalty cards.
  • Flash Drives – I need two because I always seem to misplace one while working on the other. I most recently found the one with the pink cord in my sock drawer.
  • Yellow Whistle – I purchased this fun little whistle with tickets that I won at Sunsplash.
  • Hello my name is… – Back to the nerdy geocaching talk, we have monthly meet ups where we nerd out about all things geocaching. My name tag is a trackable that other geocachers can discover.
  • Inhaler – duh.
  • 160GB Ipod – I gifted myself this gem after a break up – and have found that I need about 9 more of them. When will the 1TB Ipod be out guys?!


  • Nintendo DS games – The top two and lower Princess Peach case all have Nintendo DS games in them. They hold most of my collection but there are ones that are kicking around at home. Never know when you feel like throwing your current game out the window and want to swap for something else, or have a vs. battle with someone in Mario Kart.
  • Water glitter bracelets – More loot from Sunsplash, who knows when you need a little sass.
  • Pull back race cars – Also from Sunsplash, they are nice to have to kill the boredom.
  • Sephora Hello Kitty Compact – I love this thing, and all things Hello Kitty. Mirrors are not only great to have to check your teeth after that delicious garlic bread, but to show your patient how badly they really do need to come with you to medical attention after they took that digger up the stairs while balancing 3 beers.

So that’s about it. There are a few other random items within my bag, but a girl can’t give away all her secrets.

In other news – I got a phone call saying that the Xbox’s were repaired and ready to pick up! YAY.

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