Halloween Nails


There was a time were I hardly paid any attention to my nails. I would occasionally throw on a solid coat and be over it. Within the last year or so after discovering so many personal lifestyle blogs, it has rekindled my love for fancy nails.

I used to have long fake nails that I adored. I did a lot of really awesome designs like fish tanks with real shell pieces, inlays of different colors, and all kinds of holidays. I moved and change jobs, and started working in a field that no longer allowed me to have acrylic nails. I stuck with a basic clear cost for a long time and recently started amassing a small collection of nail polishes again.

One thing I never tried were nail stickers. They always seemed complicated and that I would mess my nails up and would have to start over again. I saw simple French tip nail stickers at the drug store and decided to give them a try.

For the most part they worked out. I had a minor casualty where the sticker lifted the base color, and pictured above, a lovely botched paint job on my thumb. But all in all I think they came out pretty decent for a first try.

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