My week in an instant


Working on a project that I hope to post tomorrow!

20121022-133851.jpg 20121022-133907.jpg

Got both Xbox 360s back from the repair shop! Also treated myself to some new books.


My awesome new desktop at work from

20121022-133946.jpg 20121022-134009.jpg

Just a random scrunchy face and playing with the Frank Said What app – currently free in the Apple app store.


An awesome new game that I have been playing that challenges you to build various items with legos, and snap pics for points. It’s really addicting.

20121022-134022.jpg 20121022-134559.jpg

Another shot of my Halloween nails and playing The Unfinished Swan on the PS3 (which I finished in approximately 3 hours)

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22 October, 2012
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