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(image credit to Nooligan)

If you have been around my blog or Instagram for a while you will know that I am an avid toy collector. Sadly due to my move, I currently do not have a lot of space to display my vast collection so it has kind of been put on the back burner. I have acquired a toy here and there, but nothing like I used to. Most of the toys that I collect have pieces done by artists that I really love such as Junko, Tara McPherson, Jeremiah Ketner, etc. I have never been one to collect prints, mostly because I have no where to hang them – but the other day when I was in Empires Comics Vault feeding my comic book addiction, I was greeted by a few prints at the cash register. One of them was the print pictured above.

Ben, the owner, told me that the artist, Hai-Na-Nu “Nooligan” Saulque, will create a print, do a limited run of 100 and then retire the print. I knew then and there that because of the unique styling coupled with my love of Disney that I could not pass up the opportunity to own it. It’s currently tucked away in a safe place until I find a suitable frame and a place to hang it. Check out his site to see some of his other pieces – fingers crossed he does some more Disney stuff! (and yes I know that Snow White was not always a Disney franchise, but… I’m a Disney girl living in a Disney world. So there.)

16 February, 2014
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