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I like to consider myself the creative type. I can crochet and knit. I make jewelry, I used to be somewhat decent at drawing (who knew you could forget how to draw!), all around pretty crafty. But, I can say that I have never really dabbled in painting. For some reason, its a medium that scares the bajesus out of me – my guess is because its so unforgiving at times. Yesterday my friend Chris and I decided that we would do a small painting and swap them. He is extremely talented (I would link his design website here, but I don’t want him to see traffic from my site to his and have him see what I have been working on for him) He’s really into squids, so I figured I would give it ago. I am pretty satisfied with how it is turning out thus far – considering its my first time of creating anything of the sort.



21 May, 2012
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