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This Week in Geek – July 2015 – Week 1

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It is no secret that I am some what of a nerd. I have written about all kinds of nerdy fandoms here and on other blogs that would further cement this fact. Instead of my normal rambling on about what game I am currently obsessed with, I thought I would put together a handy list of geekery that I am either watching, playing, working on, etc.

– I’ll be the first to admit that I’m a little late to the League of Legends hype. I recently started playing (within the last two months) and I am really enjoying it. Currently I am learning to master a few champions – Ashe, Sivir, Morgana, and Katarina. So far I really detest playing anything that does not have any sort of ranged attack. You can find me on League as pyropixieshesaid. I can’t wait to hit level 20 so that I can unlock tier 3 runes.

– If you haven’t heard of Hero Siege, please open your Steam client and download it right now (it’s only 5.99!). This pixellated hack and slash is crazy addicting and a really fun multiplayer. It is still being developed so there are days where the game is just insanely glitchy, but for the most part its a great way to burn some of your free time. I am currently rocking a level 82 Pyromancer and have only been playing for 3 days. You can find me on Steam as pyropixie.

– There are a couple of apps that I am currently obsessed with on my phone. The first being Disney Gif. This operates similar to the emjoi keyboard in that you download the app and then install it as a keyboard. It allows you to send pre-made Disney Gifs in text messages to your friends. The second app that I am really loving is called LegendSmith. It allows you to view top builds for League of Legend characters as well as create builds to see how they would stack up in game. It’s come in pretty handy and I find it interesting to see what items people build on various characters that I play.

– I recently started using my Razer Naga that I received for my birthday back in March and I am really loving it. Having the programmable hot keys on the side of the mouse really comes in handy in League (gosh can I talk about League a little more?) and the size is not overwhelming for my small hands. I have the neon green version (and the neon green Razer headphones to match).

– Lastly how cute is this Animal Crossing Stationary!? Too bad I would never want to use it because its so adorable!

I hope everyone has a happy and safe 4th of July – I’m off to set $200 on fire set off some fireworks!

4 July, 2015

Apps I’m in love with…

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Today I thought I would give you a look a couple of apps that I am currently in love with.

20121115-100343.jpg       20121115-100349.jpg

PicFrame – I think I may have talked about this app before, but it is honestly the best framing app I have used yet for the Iphone. I also enjoy the ability to add text to my photos and the recent introduction of a handful of filters and photo crop shapes. It allows you to choose from various aspect ratios for your photos (including 1X1 for all you Instagrammers out there) and resolution sizes which is great for a blogger such as myself.

Brit + Co. – I found this app on accident while looking for thing similar to Pinterest. I enjoy mixing it up and this app has links to various fashion tips, food ideas, DIY projects, etc.

20121115-100354.jpg       20121115-100400.jpg

Apps Gone Free – I am constantly scouring the App Store looking for various new Apps and if some of my coveted ones have gone free yet. This handy app delivers a daily dose of various apps that have gone from a paid to free. It works for both the Iphone and Ipad and you can make suggestions of apps that you would like to see go free and they will ask the developer if they would be willing to offer it for a short period of time for free. It helps to check this app daily as most of the deals expire within 1 to 2 days of posting.

Oflow – Are you looking for a little inspiration in your day? Check out Oflow! This app includes 100 ways to be creative within your life. Some of them are just mental exercises but others would be great blog ideas!

20121115-100407.jpg       20121115-112905.jpg

Timer – As someone who handles quite the workload at work some days, it is imperative that I keep track of where our technicians are and how long they have been there. Timer allows me to view everything at once with a simple and aesthetically pleasing view. It also allows me to set custom tones for each timer and sends push alerts when I have my phone muted which is awesome.

Xbox Smartglass – This app is pretty awesome for those of you who own Xbox 360s. The app connects to your Live profile and allows you interact with the dashboard both away from the console, such as sending messages via phone which I find way more convenient than trying to use the controller to do this, and while playing. For example if you are playing Halo 4 and pick up a new gun and have Smartglass pulled up on your phone, it will show information about that gun. I think this adds a really awesome element to the gaming experience. P.s. add me on Xbox Live!

15 November, 2012

Confined to the phone

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For those of you that have not read my previous posts, I moved at the beginning of October. My current set up does not give me enough space to have my PC set up, and after the demise of my laptop in June of last year, I am left computerless. OH THE HORROR. Seriously, it has been quite an adjustment. I would say my connectivity/addiction to the internet and my computer has decreased over the last couple of years – it is still rather frustrating that I cannot simply jump on my computer and look something up or work on an art project.

SO – I am confined to my iPhone at this time. Please forgive me for any janky formatted posts or weird pictures as I am still trying to work out the kinks from using the app. My biggest problem thus far has been that the app will only upload low resolution/300×200 versions of my photos, which I find frustrating. I’m sure that I will resort to uploading them directly to my hosting and linking them from there, but I really wish I could figure out how to upload them from my phone in the app.

10 October, 2012