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For those of you that have not read my previous posts, I moved at the beginning of October. My current set up does not give me enough space to have my PC set up, and after the demise of my laptop in June of last year, I am left computerless. OH THE HORROR. Seriously, it has been quite an adjustment. I would say my connectivity/addiction to the internet and my computer has decreased over the last couple of years – it is still rather frustrating that I cannot simply jump on my computer and look something up or work on an art project.

SO – I am confined to my iPhone at this time. Please forgive me for any janky formatted posts or weird pictures as I am still trying to work out the kinks from using the app. My biggest problem thus far has been that the app will only upload low resolution/300×200 versions of my photos, which I find frustrating. I’m sure that I will resort to uploading them directly to my hosting and linking them from there, but I really wish I could figure out how to upload them from my phone in the app.

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