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Ever since converting to the darkside that is know as an Iphone – I’ve been mildly obsessed with checking out Apps. I’m sure any other smart phone user can relate to my addiction, so I thought I would devote a wee bit of time to talk about the Apps I am currently obsessed with.

This is a look at the Photography groups on my phone. Most of them are just 1 off Apps that I use on occasion, but there are a few that I will use almost every day.

+ Instagram – If you haven’t heard of Instagram yet, you apparently have been living under a rock. This was the first app that I downloaded on my phone, and I check it more times a day than I do any other social networking application. I follow a pretty creative group that consists of bakers, photographers, toy designers, and the like, so my feed is pretty diverse. I also try to keep from posting animal and food pictures, but I can’t help but sneak a few in every now and again. If you want to follow me, check me out at @pyropixie.

+ Picframe – This so far has been the easiest multiframe apps that I have found yet. As you can see I have FrameMagic and Photo Collage, but I keep going back to Picframe. It is extremely easy to edit, and I frame almost picture i take with it (including all of the pictures that get posted from my phone to my blog)

+ Pixlromatic – This has a decent grouping of post processing effects, I mostly use it for a few filters, but it has a ton of expansion packs available making a pretty awesome tool for people who use their Iphone as their exclusive camera.

The apps like Sticker time, #Catwang, Ima Unicorn, #WayCooler, Decopic, Lego, and Cool Faces all add fun elements to your photos and I tend to only use them exclusively when sending pictures to friends. Anyways check out these apps if you like and tell me what you think!

18 July, 2012
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