High Charity 4 Child’s Play! Playing through the Halo Series starting on 10/26!

In 2008 I was part of a 72 hour marathon playing Rock Band and Guitar Hero to raise money for the non-profit that I volunteer with. We were able to raise $9,000 for our cause and it was awesome. Flash forward a few years and video game marathons have become rather common place. I always get a little nostalgic watching them play, wishing that I could be a part of the action again. I don’t however miss closing my eyes and seeing the moving colored circles and hearing the music through the wall, and I also can’t stand the song “Dead or Alive” by Bon Jovi. Childs Play Charity is one of my favorite charities to contribute to, because it brings video games to children that are in the hospital for extended periods of time.

My friend Paul is playing Halo this weekend for 72 hours to raise money for Childs play. I would love to see them get to $10,000 so that he has to eat a ghost pepper. Check out their website at HighCharity.org and donate if you feel so inclined. As we all like to say – Its for the children!

Watch live video from highcharity4cp on www.twitch.tv

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