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So, yesterday I was fortunate to catch up with my friend – and photography ‘mentor’ (I call him this because every time we go out he teaches me something new) – Michael, who I haven’t seen in 2 years or so. I had a great time catching up and shooting pictures. Honestly it’s been about just as long since I’ve picked up my camera with the intent to go out and shoot something vs. candid shots I take here and there. It felt really good and I hope that it turns into a regular event.

We hit Tower Bridge by Raley Field. I’ve never actually been on the bridge, only driven by – it’s quite the sight. From a distance it is very yellow, but when you get up close it is painted a beautiful rich gold color. I was really hoping that a ship would pass through so I could see how it lifts up, but no dice. Maybe next time. Anyways – I had some fun with the post processing, which isn’t something I normally tweek very much, but I wanted to try something new. Click the thumbnails to view the larger images. (even the above image is clickable)


4 October, 2009
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