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So between the couple of projects I have been working on for people – like my roommates wedding invitations and a two screens for a football teams shirts, I whipped this one out before bed tonight. Its rare that I take pictures of myself anymore, but the sunlight was perfectly defused through the clouds and I couldnt help myself. I had only been awake for about 5 minutes, despite how I look somewhat bright eyed. Inspired by Mono, Massive Attack and Enigma. I think I may have broken my rotation of Def Leppard, Whitesnake and The Scorpions. We shall see…

I also have this weekend off – woot! – so I plan on giving this place a pixie make over and getting rid of this angry rainbow of a layout. Not really my style. I also plan to dig out my second external with all of my photography on it and update my photography and design pages. It all sounds great as I type this – but who knows what I will decide come Saturday.

I will also be adding the final version of the Day Of The Locust design as well as the other versions Jason and I came up with to show the progression to the 5th and final version.

But now I sleep!

1 October, 2009
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