My week in an instant

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1. Waiting for my nails to dry. I am seriously the most impatient person when it comes to this task.

2. Hamming it up before heading out to the Call of Duty : Black Ops II midnight release. I’m wearing a tank top, I promise.

3. An envelope I doodled up before sending off to my best of friends.

4. The dogs at work – Jack making a lovely cameo in this cute picture of Tenny.

5. Tried something new with my nails by adding half of another color ontop instead of doing a standard french tip.

6. A lovely sunset shot from my drive home from work.

7. And another – seriously the sky was making this too easy.

8. Hanging out at work – doing… work things.

9. I hit the mall in an attempt to find some clothing items that I could add to my barebones collection of t-shirts and jeans. This top from H&M was not flattering in the slightest.

10. A little flashback Friday on Instagram. This picture is from Halloween 2007 – the one and only time I have applied make up in my adult life.

11. Another flashback to 2009. Love those braces!

12. Arein is exactly how you spell my name, if it weren’t already spelled Erin.

13. Lunch by myself on Saturday. I often try to find window seats so I can just gaze out, and this was a perfect little spot to watch the rain fall.

14. Butter noodles and a bowl of tomato soup from Noodles & Co.

15. I spotted this leaf on the way back out to my car after lunch. I was going to pass it up, but I immediately turned around after putting my bag in the car to snap a picture of it. It was just too pretty to go unnoticed.

I do apologize for my lack of posting lately. I received some news on Friday that I am not currently at liberty to talk about, and it has got me quite down. Hopefully something good will come of all of it, somehow, but for now – I’m just trying to keep my head up.

19 November, 2012
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