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Last night, Richard and I caught a late showing of Wreck It Ralph. Being a huge video game nerd, I was beyond excited about trying to pick out all the characters that Disney jammed into this film. Most of this movie had me giddy like a school girl, much like when Scott Pilgrim came out, but the element of sweetness to this film was over the top. Combining my two favorite things?! I’m in. I can’t wait for this movie to come out on DVD and I so badly want to dress as Vanellope von Schweetz for the rest of my life, could she be any cuter?! *sigh* During the movie I found myself dreaming of how I could create some cute hair bows and what not inspired by her candy coated tresses.

In honor of this awesome movie that you MUST see, I present to you 5 of my recent favorite sweet inspired finds on Etsy. Any of my real life friends reading this? Feel free to get me any or all of these things for Christmas 😛

  1. DistinctDesignsUnltd – 10 Sweet Treats Candy Cupcake Cookie 1″ Badges – How delightful are these?! And you get 10 for just $5.00, what a steal.
  2. SewSmittenUK – Love Hearts Sweets Oyster Card Holder – I often leave the house without my purse because I hate carrying that deadweight. I love slim little wallets that I can toss the essentials into and go. I adore the pattern on this card holder.
  3. RubyandSue – Pale Pink Candy Stripe Fabric Bow – This bow is beyond cute. Ruby + Sue have a ton of amazingly cute bows in their shop and it was hard to choose just one. They will even put the bow on a headband instead of a clip if you ask – fancy!
  4. LokiMonster – M & M Candy Hair Pins – These hair pins are perfect for the Vanellope look! I am also dreaming of a headband made of rows of M & M’s. Internet? Make it so!
  5. OrigamiOnigiri – Mouse Lollipop Charm – Perfect for you Mouseketeers out there! It also doesn’t hurt that this is a mixture of my favorite color and my best friends favorite color. This pendant looks lickably good!


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