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um. excuse me? when did it become december? how did i lose an entire month?

oversharing – do you do it? where is the line? i was thinking about this on the drive home today from the pharmacy, trying to decide how much is too much. i recently upgraded to an iphone, and have been religiously updating instagram (unlike my poor little blog here) and also downloaded the newly released Path today. but just now many social networking sites does one really need? facebook, twitter, instagram, path, foursquare, blah blah blah. what is the need to feel like we need to share every moment of our lives? im still trying to figure this out. i for one hate facebook. the only reason why i even still keep it around is because it allows me to easily keep in touch with a few friends that live far away and pseudo keep tabs on what my friends are up to. but i dont ever really feel the need to update it with anything pressing. i like instagram because its like twitter with pictures. short and sweet and somewhat artistic. it appeals to my photographer self. but at what point do you lose the magic of a moment because you are too concerned with tweeting about it, facebooking about it, taking pictures of it, etc.

i recently saw VNV Nation in san francisco, which by the way was an INCREDIBLE show, but i could not believe how many people held up their phones the entire show, or snapped pictures upon pictures, or text or whatever during it. maybe im old school… maybe im missing out on something that all of these other people know about, but i couldnt make any sense of it. i had just recently got my iphone and was very tempted to snap a picture or two during vnv, but i decided that instead of worrying about if i got the shot i liked, cropping it, filtering it, typing about it, posting it, whatevering about it; that i would enjoy the show, start to finish. i feel like i did the right thing, and i dont feel like cheated myself out of not ‘creating memories’ by not posting pictures of it. i got to laugh at all the funny things ronan said, instead of scrolling through the camera memory to see if what i got was acceptable to me. i got to sing along to all my favorite songs, instead of trying to hold my camera steady so i can upload the footage to youtube later.

i consider myself a voyeur to an extent. some of you may remember the explosion of webcam sites in the early.. 00’s? is that even the right way to classify it? anyways, i had a regularly updated webcam on my site, belonged to webcam portals with other people, and we would all watch each other do mundane day to day things. but why? did we secretly compare ourselves to others? did we like the thrill of knowing someone was anonymously watching us in a controlled environment? i didnt know then and i still dont know now. i still chat in chat rooms that allow you to have a webcam on, and i still enjoy watching others do day to day things.

but there is a flipside. i hate foursquare. i dont really care that you are the mayor of fuckoffville. i dont really care that you are listening to something completely awful on spotify, that you checked into chuck-e-cheese with your cat, or that you took a dump in the 4th stall at work (unless you are sending me a text telling me not go to in there because of said dump). while i dont mind watching you do all of these things on webcam or in pictures, just merely reading that on facebook, twitter, or whatever sends my eyes rolling back in my head so hard that you can hear it. what is the difference? maybe its all visual for me. I CAN ONLY READ PICTURES DAMMIT. so add me on instagram @pyropixie to read pictures.

so ive been mildly obsessed with the group de/vision the last few weeks or so. infact according to my last.fm (OH GOD MORE SOCIAL NETWORKING) ive listened to them over 1075 times in the last 7 days. their album Popgefahr has been on heavy rotation while at home (and the only reason why it hasnt been in the car is because the radio has taken a dive and i can no longer listen to my ipod via fm transmitter – womp womp) and you can spot various lyrics littering my currently “redesigned” wordpress theme. anyways, they have been around since the late 80s, and their singer has a dreamy voice. they are german synth-poppy goodness, mellow enough to listen to while working on freelance work or sleeping, but upbeat enough to dance to at the club (which ive been doing a lot of!)

random fact learned at the doctor today did you know that depression can make you feel cold all the time? me either.

6 December, 2011
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