Out for a walk

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So for those of you that don’t know, I moved at the beginning of October. It was rather bittersweet and I am still adjusting to my new surroundings. In the midst of the packing, driving, unpacking, storing, etc. I came down with what I can only guess was a stress induced plague. It really made my move that much harder.

After 2 1/2 weeks I’m finally starting to feel like myself. I’m still living out of boxes for the most part and still look like I live in my car, but my anxiety (and the plague) has subsided. Tonight I felt up for going for a walk. I am fortunate to live across the street from a beautiful park and in an area where I feel relatively safe walking around. The weather here in California has still been rather warm, it reached 90° here today, which is way hotter than my liking, but my walk this evening was beautiful. Just west of where I live is farmlands so there is nothing to obscure the sunset and tonight was no different.

As I walked I thought about my day, my job, and life in general. It was a nice way to decompress. I also spotted the tiniest little frog hopping around on the sidewalk and was vigilantly watched by a beautiful Himalayan cat on a brick wall. I foresee this becoming a regular occurrence.


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