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Behold! I’ve been on the look out for creative ways to display my massive collection of toys. A couple of weeks ago I begrudgingly packed most of these up because I had no room for them. I live in a tiny little shoebox room that is mostly taken up by my bed and desk, so it’s always a challenge when I acquire more toys. I was at work the other day dinging through filters in the shop when I stumbled across this gem. I asked my boss what it was and he explained that it was a plastic pallet for putting residential air conditioning units on because you cant set them directly on a roof, etc. At least that’s what I think he said. I’m pretty sure that he said it was an awesome plastic display case for my toys. So I bartered with him on a price *coughfreecough* and raced home to unpack all of my beauties. It currently holds about half of my collection – but that is better than having it all boxed up.

In case you are wondering what you are looking at, it consists of my collection of the following pieces:

– Disney Vinylmation
– Various Kid Robot blind box toys
– Kid Robot Dunnys
– Bearbricks
– Skeleanimals
– my R2D2 mouse ears and classic mouse ears
– Julie West
– Adventure time figures

Not pictured – most of my robots, my collection of hello kitty toys and many other blind box toys that I currently don’t have room for.

17 May, 2012
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