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Richard and I were looking for something fun to do – but it was so hot outside. We decided to hit up the local mini-golf and arcade, Sunsplash. We managed to find a game that we could total kill and make a serious ticket profit on. Most games require a 2 credit investment and will pay out around 5 tickets, we managed to find this game tucked in the corner that cost a single credit and our average payout was 45 tickets a credit. SCORE. There are 6 different games to choose from, and they all require you to throw ball pen balls at a large television screen. Our game of choice is one where you have 3 conveyor belts of diner food scrolling and you have to knock the food off, but avoid the poison bottles. By the end of our credits we were sore and sweaty (sexy!) but had amassed quite the trove of tickets. We blew it all on useless crap, but it was fun none the less.

2 July, 2012
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